Hearty bowls, whole foods, bright flavors.

As two young professionals working in Chicago, we struggled to find simply prepared, wholesome and nutritious meals that actually tasted good. So, instead of spending money on mediocre “healthy” options we packed our own lunches and quickly bonded over our shared love for well-prepared but not over-involved food. Food made with real ingredients and mostly vegetables (always seasonal). Food that was not just healthy but truly satisfying and of course, delicious.

Today we operate FARE, a dine-in and takeaway spot, in multiple Chicagoland locations along with a wholesale prepared foods line. The restaurant specializes in what brought us together all those years ago – truly satisfying food that doesn’t cut corners.

When we’re not at FARE you’ll find us at the farmers market, in the kitchen trying new recipes or gathering friends around the dinner table. For us, eating well has always meant living well, which is exactly why we’ll never stop creating our Best Food for Better Days.

No Tricky Oils

Extra virgin olive oil and coconut oil are the only oils you’ll find in our kitchen. We avoid hydrogenated vegetable oils and other refined or processed oils.

Seasonal or Bust

Ingredients taste the best when they’re picked fresh. That’s a fact. So that’s why you’ll never catch us serving peaches in December.

Nothing Processed

Only a handful of our kitchen staples come in a package and we think very carefully about when that’s acceptable. For us, that’s miso, tahini or vinegars that we let others make for us.

No Refined Sugars

There is no nutritional value in refined sugars, so we’d never add them to any of our recipes. We still find plenty of ways to play up natural sweetness.

99% Made from Scratch

We love getting whole foods and prepping them for you daily. We chop, roast and mix up every menu item for you in the morning and throughout the day because fresh matters.

100% Delicious

We make this food because we love this food! Eating seasonally and healthily (and bringing others along on that journey) is so much easier when you’re excited about each forkful.

FARE sources everything seasonally and loves working with farms and small businesses.

We served 125,000lbs of produce last year and 45-60% of the produce we served was local.

Many of our farmers avoid pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, growth hormones and antibiotics so that we can bring you healthy, organic food.

Here’s a sampling of who made the menu possible:

Skibbe Farms - Benton Harbor, MI
Squash, Cabbage

JJ Dill - Union, IL
Watermelon Radish, Beets

Grajauski Farms - Sodus, MI

Mick Klug
Blueberries, Peaches, Asparagus, Apples

Blueberries, Apples, Beets, Broccoli, Squash


We are committed to exceptionally prepared meals, served quickly with a smile. Our customers are our community and our community is our world. We lead with care, knowledge and passion for healthy food, the environment and each other.

You’ll find us making eco-friendly, farmer-friendly and sustainable decisions as often as possible and you can trust us to be transparent about ingredients, allergens and dietary details for your safety.

Welcome! We can’t wait to serve you.

A person cooking a delicious meal
A person cooking a delicious meal

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The FARE team is always growing and, as we do, we like to promote from within.


FARE is currently undergoing new construction and will be opening their storefront in Spring 2022. Check back with us soon!

We cater breakfast, lunch or dinner for gatherings big and small!