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shoulda, coulda,'s still spring!

Hi Friends. How are you holding up? Just like you, we're doing the best we can - being gentle on ourselves and those around us, cooking A LOT, and trying to prepare and plan for what will be a new "normal".

We miss you! We miss your energy, your smiling faces, we miss making delicious food to get you through your day.

This week should be the first week of our new spring menu! We love the anticipation and excitement that comes with each new seasons menu - and more than that, we love seeing that same excitement in you. Watching you try new veggies and flavors, find new favorite combinations, and come back for more, brings us such joy.

We work so hard in the months, weeks and days leading up to our four seasonal menu changes; testing recipes, sourcing the best ingredients, training staff and so much more... and even though you can’t try these yummy dishes just yet, we would still love to share them with you the best way can. So without further adieu,

Our Spring Menu:

Za’atar Beets with Oranges V GF

Deeply roasted red beets marinate with tangy, toasty zaatar and are dressed with thinly sliced oranges for brightness

Cabbage + Asparagus V GF

Wintry cabbage and asparagus are chopped and tossed with a dash of oregano and smashed briny, buttery olives

Curry Tahini Chickpeas V GF

Chickpeas tossed with turmeric, chili powder, coriander, cumin, ginger and tahini, then sprinkled with nigella seeds

Moroccan Spiced Sweet Potatoes V GF

Sweet potatoes roasted with garam masala for a sweet-yet-slightly-spicy touch

Green Pea Grain Salad VG

Sweet peas and farro get tossed with chives, roasted scallion, feta and orange zest for a salty, citrusy zing

Roasted Root Vegetables V GF

Hearty carrots, parsnips and potatoes roasted with sweet red onion and a bit of dijon, tossed with rough chopped parsley

Exciting right?! We think so too. And just because we can't feed you doesn't mean you shouldn't get to experience this killer menu in some way. Please follow us @foodbyfare on instagram this week and next as we walk you through these dishes and how to recreate them at home.

And - Until we are together again, you can support our small business by purchasing a virtual gift card to use as soon as we are back in action! We'd like to thank you for your support by adding an additional $5 per $25 purchase - more FARE for you. we can't wait to feed you!