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summer loves

We are in full-on summer mode over here; making seasonal simple syrups, sipping on refreshing mock/cocktails, attending outdoor concerts, eating strawberries by the handful and grilling…well, everything.  

From what we find ourselves eating to the music we listen too, so much changes with each new season. Short and sweet is how we would describe summer in the midwest and this months’ musings are the same. Here you’ll find a few of the things we’re loving in this short and sweet summer season; market finds, music, inspiring reads…we hope this encourages you to notice the ways in which each seasonal shift informs and inspires you too. 

Read: The Deligram 

An enthusiastic selection of New York’s most interesting food makers from Anna Polonsky, of the ever inspiring creative agency, Polonsky & Friends and photographer Teddy Wolff. 

Each release spotlights an artisanal food maker. You’ll read how they got their start, what they’re inspired by and the dream for their brand. There are so many talented and passionate creators out there and we just love reading their unique stories and learning about their connection to food.  Sourdough with a cult following, chili crisp oil, cave aged cheeses, tamales and more - the Deligram’s newsletter is an ode to the people behind the products.

Celebrate: Pride

Each June celebrations take place all around the country to commemorate the Stonewall Riots of June 1969 and the beginning of the Gay Rights movement. Chicago’s own Pride Parade on June 26th, highlights the city’s vibrant, diverse and impactful LGBTQ+ community. Show up in style with this colorful, hand block printed bandana from Block Shop Textiles. The best part, 100% of bandana profits goes directly to JASMYN, a LGBTQ+ youth center that supports the empowerment of LGBTQ+ young people through leadership, advocacy and resources.

Discover: Molino Tortillas 

It’s no secret that we LOVE a good farmers market. We have our standbys of course for produce, meat, eggs, bread and flowers, but it’s always exciting to see new local vendors pop up. Molino Tortilleria is one of them and such a welcome addition to the growing list of goods we can get at the local farmers market. Offering fresh, heirloom corn masa, prepared tortillas and tortilla chips, all of Molino's corn is sourced ethically & eco-consciously, helping to support Organic, Non-GMO farmers both locally in the US Midwest and in Mexico. We’ve tried their blue, white, yellow and red corn tortillas, but especially love their prepared masa for easy tortilla making at home. 

Watch: Sophia Roe /Apartment Miso 

The light, the colors, the sounds, the food. James Beard award winning host of COUNTER SPACE on Vice TV, Sophia Roe and partner @loveandsupply are creating the most vibrant food and inspiring visual documentation of the process and we can’t stop watching. 

@sophia_roe / @apartmentmiso

Eat: Edible SPF 

Did you know that the foods you eat can protect your skin from sun burn and sun damage? Foods containing carotenoids, polyphenols, vitamins C and E and omega-3 fatty acids deliver anti-inflammatory benefits to skin, which helps to decrease the development of sunburn and may even decrease the risk for skin cancer. Here are a list of some of foods that contain these sun protecting antioxidants: 

Tomatoes, grapefruit, watermelon, sweet potatoes, spinach, berries, grapes and pomegranate, oranges, grapefruit and kiwi, fatty fish like salmon, sardines and trout, flax seeds and walnuts. 

In addition to incorporating some of these beneficial foods into your diet we also recommend a clean sunscreen. We are  currently loving the Hydrating Full Body Coverage SPF 30 from UNSUN.


Listen: Summer Sounds 

Nothings says summer like some good tunes. Here are two of our favorites to add to your seasonal playlist. Can you guess whose is whose?